How to choose the right cloud service provider?

How to choose the right cloud service provider?

There are many businesses who are adopting the latest technology of cloud computing and are switching to third party cloud providers. All these companies have realized the benefits of the cloud and how far it reduces their infrastructure costs and also provides them security and flexibility in the long run. However there are many businesses who are still working in dark related to the problem of ownership of data, security in the cloud and cloud management in general.

The cloud which is like other computing platform has to be managed. If you have thought to move to a cloud, then the next most important decision which you have to choose is the right cloud computing service provider. Working with a cloud computing vendor has numerous benefits. It decreases server space along with technical support needed to run and manage complex programs. Cloud application allows your team to be mobile and work with different devices. But it is very important to search the right cloud service provider which meets all your needs.

Cloud Administration

This is very important for IT department to enable administration systems which let them to monitor every dimension of the service they’re getting.

Service level agreements and monitoring

Each and every company which buys service from a cloud service provider should accept either a standard service level agreement from the provider otherwise agrees to such agreement. There are no companies or organization who should commit mission critical system to the cloud without discussing an SLA which includes significant penalties for not delivering the promised the service level.

Billing and accounting

One benefit with cloud is that as a customer you can achieve as much as you want. Billing and account management must be in automated state so that consumers can check what they are using and what is the costs.


Support problem does not go after applications are moved to the cloud. Therefore you have to be sure that supports targets are agreed in an advance along with cloud service provider. Your company aligns its internal support team to deal with both internal customers with cloud provider.

Cloud Technical Interface

To take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, proper technical interface must be in place. Those companies which have already moved to service-oriented architecture may find this transaction easier.

APIs with data transformations

Application Programming Interface (API) is cloud’s software interface which allows your company’s infrastructure plug in to cloud. Hence this is the important place for standardization. If any organization wants to build connections between its data center and the cloud, then they must use standardized APIs with data transformation capabilities.

Mobile architecture

Standard software packages are simple. New internally created services which support the businesses changing demand should operate with cloud ecosystem. All these services are needed to wander to and from the cloud. It means that they will have to build an architecture which is good enough to allow services so that it can move between different cloud platforms. Data should be packaged and managed so that it can be effective. Cloud software operates differently so user data is separate from the applications that allows the cloud to function in a less resource intensive way. Your organization need to begin with reliable definitions of data elements so that it can manage cloud based information services.


This is very important to find out how cloud vendor stores and protect your data. Those companies who are planning to make use of cloud service must be sure of well defined security services. There are many levels of security that are required within a cloud environment:

  • Identity management– It is necessary so that any application service or hardware component can be certified on a personal role basis.
  • Access control– It is necessary to have the right level to access control within the cloud environment so that it can protect the security of resources.
  • Authorization and authentication– Authentication mechanism is also important so that right people can change the applications and data.

Comprehensive security infrastructure should be provided at all levels along with cloud services. Even developer also needs tools which allow them to secure services which they design to be delivered in the cloud. Therefore organization needs an reliable security across their own data center environments which intersect with a cloud service.

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