How to install Google Drive on your computer for syncing

How to install Google Drive on your computer for syncing

Creating and storing the data on your computer system is very easy and you can easily access them on that particular computer only. But now with the lots of cloud service available you can easily access your data on any computer from anywhere. And one of the best cloud services these days is Google Drive.

Earlier at the beginning many users use Google Drive for storing online word processing and documents, but after introduction of “Drive for your computer” users has started using Drive for syncing folders and files that are stored on their computer.

Want to know how to install “Google Drive for your computer?” Then follow the below steps:

Step 1 – First log in to your Gmail or Google account. Move to Google Drive by clicking to the dotted cubewhich is available on the top right hand corner of Gmail or Google account.


Step 2 – Now click on “Google Drive for your computer” that is available on the bottom of the left of the Google Drive screen. Then click on “Install Drive for PC”.


Step 3 – Once the setup gets downloaded, open googledrivesync.exe to automatically install and start Google Drive on your PC. While installing you may receive a warning prompts that Google is an application downloaded from internet.  Just click the Open button.

The installation will then begin. The following screen will be displayed.


Click on “Get Started” that is available on the bottom right hand side of the application.

Step 4 – enter your Google account username and password when prompted. This wil be the account related with Google Drive for your PC. Now follow the instruction to complete the installation.

Step 5 – Launch Google Drive for your PC from the Start menu. A screen will then appear which display that a “Google Drive” folder will be added to the “Documents” folder on your PC.

For syncing your folder and files to the Google Drive (in the cloud) you have to move your folders and files to the newly created Google Drive folder that is stored locally on Documents folder.

Once the syncing process gets complete you can then access your folders and files from any computer or any mobile (Android or iOS) devices with the Drive installed on it and from any place just you have to make sure that you are connected to internet.

Now you’ll be easily able to share files with other people directly from your local Google Drive folder by just clicking to any files in the folder. Just click on the “Google Drive” option and then select “Share.” You can also invite other people to view, download or edit the files you select from there.

After completion of the setup you can see that your Google Drive folder will appear. On your computer, you can see the menu icon on the bottom right hand side of the Task Manager. Lastly, after closing the setup, your Google Drive folders will automatically open and the files recently stored online on your Google Drive will sync it locally into the new folder.

From then onwards your Google Drive will perform like a regular folder, it means that you can easily create sub folders, copy, cut, paste just like you do with other folders. There is only one difference that it will sync periodically with the Google Drive online application each and every time when you do any changes to the files stored in the folders.

Quick Review How to save local documents to Google Drive

1 – Open a new Ms Word File and make a new document.

2 – When you are done with creating new document to save it, click on “Save as” button as you usually do to save the word file. Browse the way to your “Documents” folder and then search for “Google Drive” folder.

3 – Open the “Google Drive” folder and then make a file name for your new document.

4 – After creating the file name, click “save” and thereafter you documents will be available for accessing on both online on Google Drive and on your computer locally in the Google Drive folder. For accessing the documents on other computer you can install Google Drive on it and all files can be easily synced for your access.

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