How to send Facebook messages without using Facebook Messenger App?

How to send Facebook messages without using Facebook Messenger App?

There are many users you will find who are using Facebook mobile app and it is well known that Facebook does not allows users to send message from that app. it does not matter whether it is Android or an iOS. Generally the focus after this is make users to download the Facebook Messenger app which is basically used for sending and receiving messages. Unfortunately you will find many users who just don’t want to download this because in this app they have to go with a couple of screens and that too only send “Hi” to someone. However now you will find a couple of ways which will help you to overcome the new limit by Facebook.

For iOS:

If you have bought an Apple device which has iOS running and if you have jail-broken on your phone then it is in your own luck. Cydia tweak is a new one which has come into existence and which allows you to use messaging feature in the official Facebook app and it does not require downloading the Messenger app.

Note: If you want to work with this tweak then your iDevice should be jail-broken.

Mentioned below are the steps of how to get tweak installed on your device:

First tap on “Cydia” icon so that you can launch the Cydia app.

After that tap on “Search” option as this will allows you to search the repositories which you have added in source tab.

Type “FBNoNeedMessenger” in search box after which the tweak will come up. Then tap on tweak title which will take you to that page where you will be able to install it.

On the next screen, tap on “install” button that you will find on top-right corner. After that, follow the instruction to install the tweak on your device.

At last you are done.

Now you can enjoy as the tweak has got successfully installed on your device. Now you are able to send and receive messages from the Facebook app on iOS device.

For Android & iOS:

If you have an Android device or if your iDevice is not jail-broken then mentioned below are some of the tips on how you can get messaging function back on your device.

It does not require your device to be jail-broken. It works on any device.

  • Select your own web browser and open it on your device- the default browser and type the URL (without quotes) and then press enter. After that, login if you are not logged in.
  • Hit on the messages icon in center and after this you will be able to see all your Facebook conversations.


  • Now you can easily send and read messages.

Congrats! In spite of Facebook’s restriction on using this messaging app, you have finally solved out this.


If you are installing the Facebook Messenger app for your only purpose for sending messages, then it does not make any sense in any way. However the tips mentioned above will help you to incorporate the similar function in your current browser.

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