Samsung GamePad Review!

Samsung GamePad Review!

Do you remember the Samsung Gamepad that was announced last year in the month of March 2013 but never appeared? Well, its back and it had real buttons to play your mobile games. Samsung is trying hard to make your Android gaming experience more like a portable console with its new Gamepad accessory that comes at just 60 Euro that is around $90, Bluetooth pad that gives your touch screen games an old school analogue feel.

Made of glossy black plastic, sturdy, the gamepad has a fairly clunky slide out clip that lock your phone in place. There’s no physical connection between the devices because all the data flows through Bluetooth. It works just like S console app, which transfer the signal of your fevered button presses into data the games understand. The app also help in filtering the game available on Google play store that are compatible with the controller. Well, here is the complete review of the new Samsung Gamepad

The new version of this gamepad comes with many stark differences with this new polished unit from Samsung, the millions d-pads/joystick that decorate the front. Two analogue stick claim easy use for the first shooters on the other hand the d-pad provide assurance that allow you to pull of those more complex special moves in fighting games. Samsung has tried all out with new gamepad, real buttons, a ‘play’ button, a selection of input keys to quickly get to the mobile gaming section and basically better packaged offering.

Samsung has gone all out with the new GamePad, with trigger buttons, a selection of input keys, a ‘play’ button to instantly get to the mobile gaming section and a generally better-packaged offering.

The feature of supporting Smartphone is very much impressive which is the main focus of this gamepad and that is why it may get noticeable products in the market. Grabbing the phone and not giving the heart-beating wiggle that makes you concerned to rigidly play games over a pile of pillow. You can also connect it to TV, either via screen mirroring or MHL, tentatively making your powerful little phone to a console competitor the likes GameStick.

But, things get stuck – it instantly become clear during the test that using any Android Jelly Bean enabled device with this controller it is not offering a pleasant experience. With any game like ‘Sonic the hedgehog 4’ display the huge degree of lag, not only that it also seems that amount of latency changing between the screen and controller and hence you can’t experience the steadiness. This can be noticed in the first impression and it’s unexpected that Samsung has not yet fixed it, particularly when any other cheap Android console has overcome this issue.

Nevertheless, when you use the GamePad to play games on the go it offers a better experience, with no latency issue when connected through Bluetooth. Games run smoothly with no lags on the top end hardware Samsung is cranking out and the capability of using another phone is welcome, but it is necessary that devices should have a wide appeal.

The quality of the controller was not so much impressive. The main joystick is on the left hand side of the device was made it hard for smoothly transition through the devices. You can also use the d-pad which works very fine for the older titles.

When you consider this Gamepad is expensive that is hovering around $90 then such thing shouldn’t be seen. Looking at the performance, it is not the recommendable product for the hardcore mobile player. When you see any equivalent controllers like the Moga Pro which is just the half of the cost with the similar function, you will notice why Samsung may have a stiff sell with this device.


  • Premium build
  • Strong clip


  • Laggy streaming
  • Non-smooth joystick


Early Conclusion

The dedicated titles for the GamePad does not impressed with the performance and it is unlikely to be changing in near future to drastic degree. Mobile game still need lot of work for it to be popular tool for developers to connect to.

Though this gamepad is a well comes together piece of technology, but the inability to stream games smoothly on larger screen, low category of joystick and expensive cost. It still can attract the common users and we can see 2014 to be the year where we can see some most powerful gaming controller coming, but gamepad would be not that device.

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