Windows 8 top 10 tips and tricks!

Windows 8 top 10 tips and tricks!

Update to Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has been released by Microsoft which is free upgrade for running Windows 8.  This upgrade addresses lots of issues that users find with Windows 8 and also adds Start button.

Windows 8 shortcuts

If you know some Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts, then it will make your Windows 8 experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Mentioned below are some of the shortcuts keys of Windows 8:

  • Hit the Windows Key top open the start screen or switch to desktop.
  • Hit Windows Key + D to open the Windows desktop
  • Press Windows key + . to pin and unpin Windows apps on the screen
  • By Hitting Windows key + X, power user menu will open. It gives you access to many features which many of the users want like Command Prompt and Device Manager.
  • You can open the charms by hitting Windows key + C
  • Hit Windows key +I to open settings, this is the same settings which is found in Charms.
  • Hit and hold Windows key + Tab to show open apps
  • Press Windows key + Print screen so that it can create screen shot that is automatically saved into you’re my Pictures folder.

Know about hot corners

The screen corners are the hot corners which give you access to different Windows features. Mentioned below are details of each of such corners:

Bottom left-hand corner

The screen of bottom left-hand corner allows you to access the start screen. When you are in the Start screen with desktop open, then this corner opens the desktop from the Start screen.

Tips: To open the power user menu, right click in the left hand corner.

Upper left corner of the screen

By moving the mouse to upper left corner and after that down displays all thee apps running in computer. If you click and drag any of these apps to left or right side of screen, it will snap that app to that side of the screen. This entire app also can be right-clicked to close.

Right-hand side of the screen

On the full right-hand side of the screen will be offered access to the Windowscharms

Advantage of Search

In Windows 8, the search option has been improved after comparing with previous versions of Windows. If you want to find a file in Windows 8 from the start screen, then just type what you are trying to find or want to run. When you type, the result will start to appear on the left side. This search option also enable you to find the app like FinanceMapsPeoplePhotosMusicVideosWeather and much more. If your searches are not a file or program, then click on the app that you want to use as search.

Tips: The Search can also be found through Charms and can be opened by pressing Windows key + F

Two apps running side by side

You can be pin any app top left or right side of the screen. You can take a example like, open people app and after that press Windows key + . to move that app to right side of screen. By pressing the same key again will move to left side and hitting the same key again will make full screen. When the app is pinned, you can open or can load any other app or program into the space available on screen. You can see in the below mentioned picture an opened browser window and have the people app running to monitor our social network.

Besides, any app also can be pinned by using mouse by hitting at the top and then dragging it to left or right side of screen.

Tips: The Desktop can likewise be stuck to the left or right-hand side of the screen.

Task Manager of Windows 8

Task Manager of Windows 8 has improved previous versions of Windows. Among them some changes are showing the total percent usage at top of your processes. This makes it easy to determine total memory and CPU usage, Startup tab to see startup process and their impact to system performance, improved performance graphs, and the app history tab which gives you total resources that an app has used over a period of time. By pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, you can begin exploring the new Task Manager.

Picture password to log into your computer

In Windows 8, you can find new feature which is called as Picture password. It allows you to validate with computer that is using series of gestures like straight lines, circles and taps. You can enable this feature if you wish to have a new way to access your computer or have hard time with passwords:

  1. Open Windows Charms
  2. Hit on Settings and after that More PC settings
  3. In PC settings, hit users and after that choose Create a picture password

Tip: Four digit pin password is used to create and used to access your computer.

Exploit Windows 8 applications

In Windows 8, you can find lots of app which help you to get most from computer. Mentioned below is some of the app which is included:


In Windows 8, Microsoft touts people feature because they can understand how many people using social network today. In this feature, you will be able to connect your windows computer to all major social networks which include LinkedinFacebook and Twitter. After it is connected, you can pin the people app and monitor social network, you can use People in Search to find people and can get an overview about all the happening of your social networks.



This app gives you access to Microsoft cloud service SkyDrive that allows storing your documents, photos and some other files in the cloud and share those files with computer with Internet access.


You can take the benefit of Windows Store and then install one or more of thousands of available app that is designed for Windows 8. This store can be found in Start screen or you can use search option to search the store app for any app which you are trying to find.

Below mentioned are the short list of some common question which previous windows users have.

How can I close an app in Windows 8?

Microsoft has removed the file menu, minimize, close and resize options in apps that are designed for Windows 8 and they have replaced them with Windows 8 app command. This is all done by Microsoft because Microsoft wants to change the user windows experience and want to have any open app which can remain open until shutdown. This app command come at the bottom portion of screen.

This app provides you extra additional options for the open app but it may not give you options to close the app. However if you want to close the app, you can follow the below mentioned ways:

  1. Move your mouse to the precise top of the application, which ought to change the mouse cursor to a hand, then click-and-drag or swipe that application to the base of the screen. When you relinquish the application it closes.
  2. Move your mouse to the upper left corner of the screen and after that move down to show all open applications, right-click the open application you need to close and pick Close.
  3. Hit the Windows key + Tab so that you can see the app, right click on the application that you wish to close and after that hit on close.
  4. Push Alt + F4 to close the app or any open program.

How to restart, shut down or sleep Windows 8?

If you want to restart, sleep or want to shut down Windows 8, then follow the below steps:

  1. Move mouse to right side of the screen and push Windows key + C to open the Charms
  2. Hit on settings in the Charm menu
  3. Hit on the Power icon and after that choose Shut down or sleep or Restart.

How to get back start button in Windows 8?

Microsoft has given the option to use Start screen to everyone without using Start button and start menu that is found in previous versions of Windows. It also does not have settings to enable or disable the start button. Therefore, some things are there which can be done to imitate the Windows Start button. You can try one or the other just to see what works best for you.

Create Windows Start Menu Toolbar

Start Menu can be made into toolbar as it allows you to access all programs that you normally see in all programs. So, to do this, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Be sure that show hidden files has been enables
  2. Hit on Toolbars and then on New Toolbar after clicking right on the Taskbar.
  3. Browse to C:\program Data\Microsoft\windows and after that choose Start Menu and pick Select Folder

After completing all the above steps, you will have a new Start Menu folder along with all programs in the program folder.

Install third party add-on

There are different third party tool which can be installed in Windows 8 which will help imitate the Start button and other feature which you may have enjoyed in previous versions. Mentioned below are some of the suggestions on what software tools to try:

ViStart 8–  An incredible free utility to get simply the Start menu back just about indistinguishable to what was in Windows 7 with the capability to skin and heaps of different characteristics.

Classical Shell– An alternate extraordinary free and open source programming instrument to include the begin menu and different past Windows characteristics to Windows 8.

Start 8– Taskbar is another great tool which helps you to add start button.

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